Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which devlopment package is best for me?
A. It's a pesonal choice dependining totally on customers and their requirements. We prefer customers to choose custom package.

Q. The charge of making site is too high ?
A. The prices deopends on the selected package but if you select the custom package than it could be compromised.

Q. How much time will you need to complete the task ?
A. The timeline will be of 3 weeks - 4 weeks approximately.

Q. What will be the payment method (debit/credit card , paypal or any other payment gateway)?
A. NEFT/RTGS Transfer

  • 30% payment upon placing order.
  • 40% payment upon end of 30 days from start of contract.
  • 30% payment upon handover of website.

Q. What technology (coding language) will you be using in making it?
A. HTML , CSS , JS , PHP , Python and MySQL DB will be used .

Q. Will you be charging me for the maintenance of site once the development is finished? If yes than how much?
A. Website is maintenance free for life time but if you need any kind of new development then it will cost according to the feature you want

Q. I alredy have a website can get hosting from you?
A. No, Hosting will only be provided if the site is devloped by us.

Q. In case of any casuality will i get my money back?
A. No, The money is no refundable. Special cases will be considered